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About Dotty Waxman


For some people, photography is just an occupation; for others, it is just a hobby. For me, it is infinitely more: it is my personal process of discovery. Through the lens of a camera, I've learned a great deal about human nature and Mother Nature. And beyond that, I've discovered a few things about my own nature.

Photography is like that. Because it combines equal elements of art and science, it has often brought me a sense of balance, personal growth, and, yes, even purpose. The evolution of digital photography in recent years is something that I have embraced and the resulting images have expanded my world of photographic opportunities.

It wasn't always like that. I viewed my first camera merely as a recording device. I took the usual snapshots of family and events. It wasn't until I really learned my craft before I realized that a camera can discover and create, as well as record. Now when I look into my viewfinder, I see things that no one but another photographer really sees: intimate shadows, magical light, subtle color differences and graphic designs. Sometimes I see human emotions, too, and occasionally I see myself in the midst of the image I capture.

As my skill and experience developed, I became a more intuitive photographer, allowing myself to react instinctively to photographic opportunities. Of course, state of the art equipment makes it easier to see, compose and shoot, but it's a state of mind, not a little black box with a hole, that really captures the image. Now, even when I'm caught without a camera in my hand, I'm taking pictures in my head.

One of the intangible gifts that photography has given me is an enhanced awareness of the fragile planet we inhabit. So often, when I revisit and re-photograph favorite locations across the country, I am struck by the rapid destruction of both our natural and man-made resources. Fortunately, by their very activity, photographers become agents of historical preservation. Thus, the act of pointing a lens and pressing a shutter (in the right direction, of course), often creates a permanent memory for the photographer and the viewer of the resultant image. This shared memory may, in fact, be the only way two or more people ever truly see an event or an object through the same set of eyes.

During my journey from film to digital, I have been gifted with some tangible markers of success as well: several "Best in Show" awards, many published images and most importantly, recognition from friends and fellow photographers, whose valued opinion matters a great deal to me.

Could Henry David Thoreau have been anticipating photography in 1854, when he admonished his readers to "Simplify, simplify. Look around--observe nature. See in nature the source of art, craftsmanship of truth, of the beautiful."

If his words make sense to you, as they do to me, just set your aperture at " F8 and be there."
Thoreau would have approved.

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Published Credits & Clients:

· Kodak Corp. - calendars, planners (multiple images)
· Adirondack Museum - Blue Mountain Lake, NY
· New Jersey Outdoors magazine_ contributing photographer - 10 years
· Outdoor Traveler Magazine - Travel Photography Award first prize
· N.J. Skylands Travel guide, contributing photographer - 7 years
· CANON CORP.- images selected for marketing brochure
· Tiffen Corp - images in marketing brochures, catalogues, website
· Earth Day calendar, various Regional calendars


· Kodak Regional Headquarters Gallery- Fair Lawn, NJ - Solo exhibits (2)
· Lever Brothers world headquarters- New York City
· Multiple regional library & café exhibits
· Fairleigh Dickinson University - Fine Arts Center
· Bergen County - Court Plaza Gallery -
· Borders Books & Music, Barnes & Noble
· Bergen County Centennial Exhibit - multiple venues
· NJ State DEPE headquarters exhibit - Trenton, NJ


· Photographic Society of America - International Salon
· Palisades Nature Association - Best in Show
· Flat Rock Brook Nature Association - Best in Show
· New England Council of Camera Clubs conference - Best in show
· America Online Internet Nature Photography Competition - Hon. Mention
· The Record Newspaper - Travel Photography awards


· NAPP- National Association of Photoshop Professionals
· NPS - Nikon Professional Services

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